Okay.  So this page should have gone up yesterday, but I kept fudging up the installation of  Comicpress/Wordpress that I gave up last night and went to sleep.  I’m working on it this morning and if you’re reading this now, it probably means I somehow managed to set things up properly now.  I have always told myself I should get back to making webcomics.  I stopped around 2001-ish and I’ve been telling my online friends, mostly Dez of Frivolesque, that I’m gonna restart drawing.  I’ve learned from my mistakes, I think from my previous attempt at a webcomic.  Unfortunately that’s almost two decades ago, but hopefully I’ve matured enough to actually not make them again, probably…  If any of you still remember that old RnT comic I did… this one has only superficial connections to the old one.  Reused names, recycled characters, similar setting… but it’s not a continuation of the old one.